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Inspection of Rental Properties, Posting of Notices, Stress Move-Outs, Insurance Validation, Service of RTB Documentation, Tendering Evidence at Arbitrations

Corporate Bio

CTI prides itself in providing best-in-class tenant inspection services and is the only company of its kind in Canada. Our inspectors are seasoned law enforcement professionals, primarily retired RCMP officers. We focus on asset protection through regular tenant inspections to identify issues, deter criminal activity and guarantee lease compliance.

Your building’s tenant base and demographics are constantly changing. Lease applications and screening services can outline a tenant’s “ability to pay” but fail to capture a history of dangerous behavior or property negligence.

Tenant satisfaction is vital to your business. CTI Services understands the importance of community building and we work diligently to ensure your property and tenants are safe, secure and in accordance with their lease.

If and when required, our thorough understanding of city, municipal and provincial residential tenancy by-laws will arm you with the necessary tools and knowledge required to take swift legal action.