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Stress-Free DIY Residential Landscaping Ideas

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Stress-Free DIY Residential Landscaping Ideas

Aesthetically pleasing landscaping can improve the overall look of a property. However, no property manager wants to shell out thousands of dollars to re-landscape a property. Additionally, many property managers simply do not have time to perform frequent landscape upkeep.

Whether you manage individual homes or large apartment complexes, there are simple, cost-effective landscaping ideas to add interest and design to a property without costing yourself extensive time and money. Even small touches to the landscape can go a long way.

Save yourself the headache of implementing a complicated landscape design, and keep it simple. It is possible to easily transform a “blah” property yourself with a little help from common landscape supplies. Consider five simple ideas below.

Create Beds of Mulch, Sand, or Gravel

Who says you have to put flowers in beds? Beds filled with any landscape material — colorful or brown mulch, sand, or pea gravel —  define a yard’s perimeter and can accentuate a residential property. They’re a nice low-stress option that don’t require any ongoing maintenance. Avoiding dirt-filled beds will mean you don’t have to pluck any weeds that might grow up.

Use Native Plants or Shrubs

Native landscaping, over time, can save you time and money because the plants endure for longer in your environment. In the long run, native plants and shrubs will require less fertilization and pest control, too, since they naturally thrive in your environment without much help.

Draw Attention to a Single Attention-Grabber

When it comes to landscaping, sometimes less is more. If you lack the resources to plant tons of flowers or make beds all over a yard, think small. For residential yards, consider highlighting a single tree, large shrub, or lawn ornament of some kind by creating a mulch or gravel bed around it.

Try Container Plants

From pots to boxes to hanging baskets, containers of all shapes and sizes can be used to quickly spruce up a property’s look. They draw attention to front doors, driveways, or areas you want to highlight. Container plants are a good alternative to planting in-ground because of the space restriction and the easy care.

Landscaping doesn’t have to be a headache. All that matters is that you start somewhere.

Story by: Jennifer Chan