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Curate Content That Counts!

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Curate Content That Counts!

Story by: Ansley Sudderth 

In an age where mirco-stories are being told via social media, you may find it difficult to inject your brand’s story into the ongoing dialogue. You may ask yourself: What type of content appeals to my audience? What’s the most ideal day and time to post? How can I measure the the response to the content I post? You’re not alone! Manning the social helm for your brand is extremely rewarding; however, you may find your posting strategy in a bit of a rut from time to time. These days, writer’s block comes in the form of a quiet, unengaging Facebook or Twitter timeline. It’s like a tumbleweed rolling across a blank content calendar.

As a marketing rockstar, you have the opportunity to convert this challenge into an opportunity to turn up the volume with content that counts!

Humanize Your Brand: As simple as it sounds, finding your brand’s tone of voice can take some time and keep you from producing great content. Rather than creating one, adopt what other peers in the industry are doing and form a brand personality that caters NOT to the largest, but to the most engaged demographic in your audience.

Find New Niches of Inspiration: “Shop and adopt” is the rule of thumb when looking to places new and fresh content can be found. Shop for content from sources like Pinterest and popular blogs.

Formulate a Posting Schedule: Many times, writer’s block is present where an organized posting routine is absent. With a posting calendar, you have a bird’s eye view and can set goals to post a certain type of content on certain days, similar to this monthly content calendar.

Local Love Never Loses: Nothing resonates with an online audience like content that they can instantly connect with. In the case of your residents, sharing content centered around their universe is going to keep them engaged, informed and entertained.

Rinse and Repeat: When a post performs extremely well, pay attention to what attributes contributed to that piece of content’s success. Was it highly visual? Was there a call to action in the verbiage? On what level did the post resonate with your audience?