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Congratulations to all the finalists and winners of the CFAA Rental Housing Awards 2020! CFAA thanks the judges, everyone who entered the Awards Program this year, and the Awards Presentation sponsors. This program could not take place without your interest and support.

Rental Housing Provider Awards

Rental Housing Provider of the Year – Under 7,500 Units

Winner:               Shiplake Properties

Shiplake Properties’ COVID-19 response program went above and beyond to help residents with rent, engage with virtual cooking shows and home fitness, and provide food gift cards and surprise food deliveries. During these challenging times, Shiplake demonstrates the good which rental housing providers can do for residents & the community.

Finalists:               Greenrock Real Estate Advisors

Sifton Properties

Rental Housing Provider of the Year – Over 7,500 Units

Winner:               Skyline Living

Skyline Living’s Tenant Assistance Program provides in-house tenant advocacy services that assess tenants’ specific needs, and provide direction, resources, and support. The Program also provides financial assistance to residents, if required. Skyline demonstrates the positive effects which rental housing providers can have on individuals, by helping those who need it most.

Finalists:               CAPREIT

Drewlo Holdings

Off-Site Employee of the Year                                                            

Winner:               Seana Hall of CAPREIT

Finalists:               Jonathan Bursey of Hollyburn Properties

Jordan Ali of Skyline Living

On-Site Employee of the Year

Winner:               Khalil Parker of CAPREIT

Finalists:               Pam Vaughan of Skyline Living

Ethel Parsons of Starlight Investments

Property Manager of the Year

Co-Winners:      Andrew Arrica of Hollyburn Properties, and

                                Ellen Gerow of Sifton Properties

Finalists:               Ljuba Milosevic of Skyline Living

Wendy Adams of Timbercreek Properties

Rental Development Awards

Rental Development of the Year – Low-Rise

Winner:               Suites at Summerside by Skyline Living

Finalists:               Station Road Apartments by Colpitts Developments

Waterdale Walk II by Drewlo Holdings

Rental Development of the Year – High-Rise

Winner:               CURVE at South Park by Southwest Properties

Finalists:               King’s Club by CAPREIT

The Westminster by Wesgroup Properties

Renovation Awards

Renovation of the Year – Building or Exterior

Winner:               Promontory Ridge Estates by MCC Legacy Trust

Finalists:               2 Regal Road by Starlight Investments

50 Burnhill Road by Starlight Investments

Renovation of the Year – Common Area

Winner:               1475 Bloor Street by Starlight Investments

Finalists:               7 Parker Street by Killam Apartment REIT

2737 & 2757 Kipling Avenue by Starlight Investments

Renovation of the Year – Suite

Winner:               40 Weldon Street by Killam Apartment REIT

Finalists:              Forest Hill Residences by Hollyburn Properties Limited

Twin Lakes – 3781 Princess Avenue by Starlight Investments

Marketing Awards

Marketing Program Excellence of the Year – Lease-Up or Pre-Lease Up

Winner:               The Westminster by Wesgroup Properties

Finalists:               King’s Club by CAPREIT

Helio by Sifton Properties

Marketing Program Excellence of the Year – Company or General PR

Winner:               #MyHollyburn by Hollyburn Properties Limited

Finalists:               Deveraux Rebrand by Deveraux Apartment Communities

Westminster Social Media Campaign by Wesgroup Properties

Rental Housing Supplier Awards

Suppliers Council Member of the Year

Winner:               Wyse Meter Solutions

WYSE is offering their program to all of their partners to help property owners to reach net carbon zero by 2025, while reducing operating costs. WYSE has developed a solution which reduces environmental impacts and also raises the standard of practice in the industry through a dedicated, long-term initiative.

Finalist:                Storm Insurance Group

Storm Insurance is the new overarching name for APReid, Zipsure, MyGroup and more. For years, this group of companies has moved the markers for insurance for rental housing providers and tenants, as shown by their previous win in the CFAA Awards Program. Storm took what was to be a $40,000 donation to the Halifax Food Bank and leveraged it to potentially $120,000 or more.

New Product or Service of the Year

Winner:               Suite Turnover & Property Operations Software. COVID-19 Prevention Package by SuiteSpot Technology

SuiteSpot’s Suite Turnover & Property Operations Software is designed for property managers who are constantly on the move, allowing them to access all the needed information at any time from any device.  SuiteSpot’s recently released COVID-19 Prevention package builds on and enhances on existing features by aiding users in observing social distancing and other COVID-19 safety precautions.

Finalists:               ChatManaging by National Efficiency Systems

ChatManaging is a Chatbot which uses artificial intelligence to engage in conversations with prospective tenants online, allowing for a 24/7 experience. The Chatbot gives prospective tenants instant answers at no cost in staff time, and then sends prequalified leads directly to a property’s inbox, simplifying the leasing process.

Contactless Parcel Lockers by Snaile

Snaile’s Contactless Parcel Lockers automate the process of receiving packages in mulit-residential buildings, without requiring any face-to-face contact with another person. The parcel lockers accept deliveries via a QR code scan, which generates a pickup notification that is sent to the resident either through text message or email. No human concierge is needed.


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