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CFAA advocates continued open immigration into Canada

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CFAA advocates continued open immigration into Canada

Given the recent deterioration of Canada’s economy, there have been calls for
restrictions on immigration in Canada. CFAA believes that immigration has played a
major role in Canada’s past economic development and that it should continue to do so
in the future. Given a low birth rate and the changing age structure of the population, continued immigration will help Canada avoid the negative changes in the population structure that will wreak economic havoc in Japan and Europe in the coming decades.


Maintaining current immigration rates is also of vital importance to Canada’s
rental housing sector. New immigrants help maintain a steady demand for rental
housing in Canada in the face of the long term increased trend toward home ownership.
Immigrants also ensure a sufficient labour supply for the rental housing industry, since
they take jobs that other Canadians often reject.

CFAA and our member associations urge you to continue to pursue policies that
promote immigration to Canada. This is important to ensure the stability of Canada’s
rental housing industry and to guarantee that Canada experiences continued economic
health in the future.

Yours truly,

John Dickie,
President, CFAA-FCAPI

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